More often: if Google closes, then save your data

More often: if Google closes, then save your data

Hours more: if you close Google, then save your data

Google has officially announced the shutdown of Google’s social media, but it hasn’t become popular with the media. On the back, it was said that I would cry at the sickle rock, but in the chest at the link with the blackberry revealed in the API, the date was postponed to spring. Remaining dates have now become available.

Shut up for a few months. From the 4th fierce koristuvach it is no longer possible to create new sides, profiles, come on in. Nearest websites and add – ons have a button " Sign in from Google " . In some cases, replace the login button with a Google public record.

Until February 4th on Blogger, the commenting function for Google help will stop working, and until February 7th – on other sites. Comments start seeing 2 April.

On the same day, 2nd April, all profiles on that side will be deleted, and Google will clean up the content more often, including photos and videos. With which files from Google Photos get lost. For the sake of time, for a few months, for that hour, the deacons will still be available.

And the axis of the G Suite can be updated again and again by Google, but the service interface will change and add new functions.

How to save money

Until April 2nd, you can save all your content, including photos, check those entries. For whom:

  1. Open your Data Protection page.
  2. If necessary, see your Google account.
  3. Instruction with Google data, if you don’t need to download, set a jumper at the "WICL" position
  4. Press Far.
  5. Specify file type.

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