Bar Examination Questionnaire For Civil Legislation

Bar Examination Questionnaire For Civil Legislation

Sa kadulu-dulo ng isang profession ng isang tao, minsan man lang maka-apply ka. Eh, iyun lang naman ako eh, bakit…and I was…I was minding my own enterprise, I got here from the personal sector, akala ko tapos na iyung mga anak ko puwede na akong tumulong. As I said to the UP graduates, ito po iyung ginawa sa akin were probably the most troublesome two months of my life. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ginawa however iyung…iyung ordeal na you’ll go through two months hindi moa lam kung ano mangyayari.

If an individual seeks to serve within the Republic of the Philippines, he should owe his total loyalty to this nation only, abjuring and renouncing all fealty and fidelity to another state. In the meanwhile, on March 2, 2022, the Republic of the Philippines, as represented by Solicitor General Jose C. Calida, commenced these quo warranto proceedings against the respondent, praying for her ouster as Chief Justice as a result of her ineligibility for the place. Yet, equating my feeling offended to harboring a private resentment towards the respondent’s "manner of leadership" reflected too much presumptuousness on her part.

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For the plentiful reasons mentioned herein, it’s my humble but resolute view that quo warranto just isn’t the proper remedy to assail the dedication of a Judiciary appointee’s integrity, which is a subjective qualification that is essentially certain to the interpretation, therapy, and application of the requirements set by the JBC. This interpretation is inherently a policy question that can only be nullified on the bottom of grave abuse of discretion, which may be coursed only via a petition for certiorari. To allow a direct resort to quo warranto would amount to bypassing the JBC, and in consequence, render vulnerable the integrity of the Judiciary as an establishment. Indeed, it couldn’t have been intended that the OSG may simply come in at any time and ask the Supreme Court to re-assess the subjective qualifications of any Judiciary appointee when the same had already been determined by the physique particularly created therefor.

  • Such a SALN, reckoned as of the date of assumption of office of the common public official or employee, shall function the baseline for his/her assets, liabilities, and web price in the succeeding years in authorities service.

In the identical petition, Sereno requested the SC en banc to resolve the separate motions to inhibit without the participation of the 6, and before the Court decides on the quo warranto petition. Similarly, the above manifestations of respondent’s character point out a propensity to disregard sound ethical requirements that compromise integrity, which may be inherent and likely to have existed at the time of her appointment, when respondent made questionable decisions relating to the non-submission and non-filing of her SALNs. So, you might be saying as defenses, you haven’t any legal obligation, you would not locate it, and you haven’t any obligation to maintain proper records filing of those, of these documents? Now, on one other matter, on the matter of impeachment and quo warranto, you’ve been publicly, you’ve publicly proclaimed that you want your day in Court and I think that at present is your day in Court and I’m pleased. Respondent, on the other hand, insists that such one-year interval is counted from the "explanation for ouster" and not from the invention of the disqualification.

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In this case, the least that the JBC may do is to provide the candidate a possibility to explain his side. He explained that the idea and logic behind the requirement of a waiver was exactly because of the fact that the former Chief Justice was impeached because of inaccuracies in his SALN. Thus, the JBC ought to be certain that all of the nominees who could be nominated wouldn’t be accused of the identical.

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The ponente posits that "whereas impeachment concerns actions that make the officer unfit to proceed exercising his or her workplace, quo warranto involves issues that render him or her ineligible to hold the place to begin with." No, it is, I learn to you the regulation, I read to you the supply of legislation and the rules, it says there, that if you assumed office, your SALN should be reckoned as of the date of your assumption to workplace. So, it cannot be a quantity of months earlier than as a result of whether it is several months before, from December 31, 2022 as a lot as September 2022, there might have been belongings and liabilities between that period of time which can’t be found in your September 2022 SALN. In circumstances involving the requirement of submitting the SALN, a certification duly issued by the official custodian that no SALN of a government employee is on file in the custodian’s office constitutes prima facie proof of non-filing of the SALN. Such certification satisfies the burden of proof, and shifts the burden of evidence to the government worker to show in any other case.

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